*Parents/Adults - Not only do we allow you to sit in on our classes with your students, but we are huge advocates for it.  If you want to take the next step, check out our friends at Savvy Coders. They offer a remarkable month long class on building your very own web sites.

Course Info:

Computer Coding & Game Design (Summer Camp/OFallon $200/1 week), this class will introduce students to the world of computer science.  Students about the basics of computer programming, fundamentals, Boolean logic, Binary and Hexadecimal numbers, and basic computer arithmetic.

The student will also learn valuable skills such as communication and presentation skills, time management, troubleshooting, and collaboration skills. The students will learn to use Scratch and Blockly as a programming language to create multiple games over the course of instruction.  The completed game that students design will be available for demonstration and presentation the final day of class. 

Coding for Success (Summer Camp/Highland $125/1 week), this class offer a cursory overview of Scratch, but will focus more on he delivery of MVP; Most Viable Product. The theme of the delivery will be on community pride-What makes Highland so special.  Students will work in teams to focus on the 4 I's (Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation, Iteration) to create a product as a team. This will be mostly self driven with instructor guidance. They will use Scratch and a Web Design tool to create a presentation to be delivered the final day of class. There will be prizes available for the teams.

Introduction to Python Programming (not offered at this time // Tuesdays Only, $200) -  Only 6 short weeks long, this hands-on course uses the programming language "Python" to introduce students to coding.  The course will begin with an overview of programming in a high-level language and how it relates to other languages. Students will use the LINUX language to write code and learn the fundamentals of data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented programming.  Students will design and implement their own game or enhance an existing one using the Raspberry Pi 3. They will demonstrate their work the final night of class.

Foundations of Web Design (HTML and CSS) (not offered at this time // Tuesdays Only, $200) -  This is a hands-on course that will use HTML in new and complex ways. The course will begin with an overview of the Internet and how it functions creatively and as a utility. Students will write HTML and learn how to format text, incorporate images, build tables, create links, incorporate CSS into their work, host and upload a Web site. Students will design and implement their own websites or enhance an existing one, as well as participate in design discussions and critiques of student and professional work. Webpages will be demonstrated the final class night.

Foundations of Web Design 2 (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) (not offered at this time // Tuesdays Only $200) - This class will continue where the Foundations class left off.  The students will work with additional Web building tools to create web pages.  They will learn about embedding links, tables, and images into their web sites. They will also learn about JavaScript and how it integrates with Web pages and is a powerful tool in enhancing websites, whether through integrated content or stand alone efforts. They will also learn about APIs and programs such as Google that make these easy to integrate. The created content will be demonstrated on the final evening.

Designing Memories (Web Design and Digital Scrapbooking) (not offered at this time // Fridays Only, $125) -  This 4 week seminar will include both students and parents in this combined session aiming to bring families together to learn about both technology and capturing digital memories. Our 4 meetings will teach the basics of web design, building a web page, basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript inclusion, uploading photos, adding 'scrapbooking' like features, and videos to a web site and researching hosting options. We hill also discuss about web security, privacy, and cloud hosting.

Coding for Success (not offered at this time // Tuesdays Only in Highland, $600) - This 16 week seminar will be a great catch many aspects of coding over a short period of time.  Each week will be something different, calling on different industry experts, and we will cover a gamete or different activities such as:  Game Design, Computer Science, Coding Fundamentals, Entrepreneurship in Coding, Technology and CEO presenters, Web Design introduction, Cyber Security and Safety, Mind Mapping and Application Development, Social media safety and Integration in coding.


  • Coding Success Summer Camp                           Mon-Fri 9-12pm, (6/12 - 6/16)                                 at Highland Public Library in Highland, IL  
  • Coding and Game Design Summer Camp   Mon-Fri 9-12pm, (6/19 - 6/23)                                 at Parks and Rec Bldg in OFallon, IL      


What you will need to bring for either class:

  • Laptop or tablet (Wi-fi capable) w/Flash Player
  • Charger / Power Cord
  • Notebook and something to write with
  • A snack or drink (sealable top only)