The St. Louis area is a growing technology hub and the current supply of students and young adults gifted in the computer sciences cannot meet the current demand, let alone to address the next few years projected needs.  The computer science‚Äôs greatest need is to fill the ranks of individuals that have the understanding to code.

Coding is not only used in the computer industry, whether in application development, web site design, and game development, but is necessary in many other industries such as robotics, engineering, medical, transportation, and the energy industry.  STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) initiatives also understand the continued need to develop individuals to meet and supply individuals to satisfy the growing needs.

Frequently, most young people are only introduced to rudimentary computing such as basic word processing, office skills, and Adobe type programs.  Early introduction and then limitation of abilities does not accurately embrace the ability of our young people to grasp advanced computer skills and expand their abilities.  Most students do not even enter programming type courses until they are in college and by then many have already decided a future career path.


Computer Programming and coding:

Opening the world of computer programming to tomorrow's future innovators.  Covering the basics of programming, languages, sequencing, coding, and logic.


-Scratch/Blockly                        -Python (w/Raspberry Pi integration)
-JavaScript                                    -Web Design (HTML & CSS)
-Cyber Security                   -Application Development
-Ruby                                   -Database (MySQL) and PHP